User Surveys

User Surveys

Get To Know the Users

Would you like to learn more about your user base in order to optimally appeal to them? With the help of online surveys, you receive reliable information about users’ characteristics, interests and viewing habits, and also about the relevance of planned features or requirements for new services.

Ask about reasons for use with an online questionnaire

Reliable and Valid Analysis of User Structure, Use Cases and Utility Value of Features

Quantitative user surveys are particularly suitable for analyses of user structure and typical use cases in the context of digital media. With cluster analytical evaluations, a classification of user profiles, so-called “personas”, can be created and usage scenarios identified. These form an important basis for the user-centred conceptual design. However, an assessment of the utility value of planned functions and content for the target group is also possible (so-called user value survey).

… automatically adapted for users of mobile devices

State of the Art User Surveys

Recruitment of participants is done with the use of banners or layers directly on a website or within an app, via e-mail or (e.g. for potential users and interested parties) with an online panel.

Our questionnaires are implemented with state of the art survey solutions:

  • SSL-encryption possible
  • Integration of multimedia content available
  • Multiple languages possible
  • Automatic adaptation for mobile devices

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