Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

Identify User Requirements

Business requirements are often clearly described, while user requirements remain unclear although it is the user who decides the success. We analyze the needs and wants of your users and customers in order to bring your service to its optimal usefulness.

Requirement analysis within the framework of a focus group

Deduction of peronas and use cases

For user requirement surveys we make use of methods which best suit your interests and your target group’s availability. These could be individual interviews (in our testing facilities or in the particular context of use), focus groups or online forum discussions, but also the evaluation of suggested improvements from quantitative online surveys, support inquiries or community input.

The challenge is to determine the needs and expectations as concretely as possible. The fact that a website must be “easy to use” goes without saying. 

To determine the requirements for a newly-designed, interactive service we not only consider content and functional needs but also typical user preferences. This allows deduction of key “user journeys” and scenarios as well as a classification of the user population with “personas”. This fact-based knowledge is an integral part of the conceptual design for a digital service or user interface. Finally, in order to generate insights which go beyond a “me too” strategy, our requirement analysis taps into your user base’s knowledge pool for the identification of innovative ideas.

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