Ethnographical Study

Ethnographical Study

Dive Into the Living Environment of Your Target Group

Why do users think the way they do? Way do they act the way they do? Such questions are difficult to answer in a typical lab interview, where interviewees leave personal and social frameworks of their lives at the door. At the same time, these questions are relevant for the evaluation and development of new and innovative services.

Home interview with an iPad user

Contextual Analysis of the User at Home

Our ethnographical study approaches provide an unbiased view of our target group's behavior in their daily environment, offering a deep understanding of consumer thinking and behavior as well as the underlying motives.

This can only be managed with the involvement of subjective user experience. Therefore, interviews aren’t held in a laboratory but rather directly in the relevant context of use (e.g. at the interviewee’s home). As a key component of the ethnographic interview, subjects are observed while engaged in an open conversation. This allows us to gather subconscious and difficult to articulate information and to evaluate answers in the correct context.

In a familiar context, many users think of things which they wouldn’t have thought of in a testing room.

Authentic insights into the socio-cultural environment

  • How do buyers deal with a product on a daily basis?
  • What "problems" and/or small annoyances keep occurring (e.g. when operating a television) ?
  • How is a brand experienced in the personal and social everyday life?
  • Which accompanying media, brands or products are used?
  • How important are products and/or trademarks in everyday life?

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