Consumer Lab

Consumer Lab

Your Own Research Community

In our consumer lab, your customers and users discuss in an online community which is specially set up just for this. Your questions are debated with journals, moderated forums, chats and surveys – as a permanent lead user community or as a temporary instrument also for hard to reach target groups.

A forum discussion in the consumer lab

Interaction Among Participants Boosts Creative Potential

The innovative research approach unfolds numerous advantages compared to classic methods. Forum statements are often more fact-based and multifaceted than those in a classic group discussion because they are done without time or peer pressure.

The special feature of this community-based customer panel is the interaction with and between participants. First, participants discuss among themselves (e.g. in various forum topics). This allows us to discover new arguments which wouldn’t come to light with normal survey research. Therefore, this method is particularly applicable for the identification of user requirements

An online diary in the consumer lab

Advantages of the Consumer Lab

Real Situations: Insights into the lives of participants in their natural environment.

Depth of Knowledge:

  • Fewer socially-desired answers
  • More open and realistic estimates
  • Long-lasting lead user integration
  • Individual point of view with the use of blogs and journals


  • Interviews can be followed by the client
  • Tool designed to permanently accompany discussions and user groups

More Possibilities:

  • Integration of multimedia testing materials
  • Users can upload their own pictures

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