Best Practice Analysis

Best Practice Analysis

Inspiration for User Interface Designs

The best practice analysis expands your pool of knowledge by newly or further-developing your user interface to a variety of very successful examples from competitive environments near and far as well as processes and features with especially good user experience.

Exploratory search for best practices – from the direct competitive environment to examples from other classes of business.

Learning from Mistakes

Based on your interests, our user experience specialists research and identify particularly successful implementation examples which enrich and help steer your conceptual design toward new, not yet thought of paths.

Identified implementation examples are not always good ones. The special value of this analysis lies in the fact that the indentified practices aren’t only analyzed according to your strengths but also your weaknesses. This learning effect, which is derived from the analysis of mistakes and weaknesses from competing solutions, creates a competitive advantage.


A typical example of a best practice analysis: Details of good user interface solutions are worked out

Individual Questions Demand Individual Answers

The procedure for a best practice analysis is as non-standardized as the research questions at hand. Therefore, our specialists work with you to come up with an investigation grid which is ideal for your specific interests.

Typical best practice analysis interests:

  • What are the best implementation possibilities for a securities search on a brokerage website?
  • What community features are best suited for customer retention?
  • What are the best possibilities for preventing customers from leaving the site while in the process of purchasing?

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