User Experience Tracking

User Experience Tracking

Track and Control User Satisfaction KPI’s

A user-central management of digital media doesn’t end with the launch. User experience and user satisfaction change as they are influenced by the competitive environment, their own care and support and changing user requirements. Our monitoring approach is your cockpit and early warning system for user experience key performance indicators.

Development of longitudinal user experience indicators

Tracking and Success Monitoring

In management of transaction websites, nothing should be left to chance – after all, they are often instrumental in the success of the entire company. Technical indicators such as visits or conversion rates are definitive but leave questions unanswered. We put website experience from the user’s perspective in the very center by asking their opinion directly during or after them visiting the website.

Use case Analysis

Reliable and Valid Measurement of Key Performance Indicators

The Facit Digital user experience tracking finds your website’s weaknesses (e.g. with certain use cases) and is used to optimize success monitoring.

Tracking is performed regularly as an online survey on your website. For this, randomly chosen users of your website are asked about characteristics such as usability, usefulness of information and features or appearances but also about difficulties with specific use cases.

Performance relevance matrix: In-depth analysis of data makes strategic recommendations for resource allocation possible.

Findings for management and operational work

Each key performance indicator system is developed individually based on strategies and operative targets. We benefit from years of experience with similar measuring systems and actually important user experience qualities.

With a hierarchical structure of the system, we ensure that the results allow both monitoring on the management level and the ability to lead to concrete measurements on the operative level.

If benchmarking is desired, it is also possible to classify your own website in a competitive environment.

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