Online Advertising Effect

Online Advertising Effect

Elegantly Measure Image Effect Online

For years, only clicks counted as the measurement of all things in online marketing. Today it is clear that image campaigns online are also effective and performance campaigns can display a meaningful image effect. Now, with ROMI Online, there is a fitting reporting tool which demonstrates campaign-induced branding effects and compliments traditional reporting.

Measuring the impact of online advertising contact

Covert Measurement of Advertisement Effect on Brand Triad

With ROMI (Return on Media Investment) Online, soft parameters of ad effectiveness can be measured in addition to mere tracking-figures. Campaign evalutaion and optimization as well as justification and budget implementation in online awareness campaigns are possible on a broader basis. And all this with a methodical and elegant research approach.

For the most important advertising media, random users are invited to do an online questionnaire. In the background, numbers of previously viewed contacts are transferred. In the questionnaire, covert questions concerning the brand triad (embedded in competitor brands) as well as brand values and other metrics are asked. The actual survey aim and the client remain obscure.

Example of results

Targeting Control in the Development Stage

By comparing people with and without visual contact, image effects of pure visual contact can be detected.

ROMI Online as a so-called marketers' approach is either feasable as a user survey (via invitation layer on a website) or as a questionnaire with an online pannel, independent of marketers. With this, a control of the targeting over an evaluation of socio-demographic data is also possible.

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