Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

The Lever for Marketing Efficiency

Each transaction website must have good performance for registering, ordering and other conversion targets. This is often limited by use hurdles which are overseen in the conceptual design. Our Conversion Lab® analyzes these processes step by step from the user’s perspective. and shows you how you can convert more visitors in order to reach your marketing goals.

Test lab

How the Conversion-Lab® Works

With Facit Digital‘s Conversion Lab®, the actual needs of your users are researched throughout the entire conversion process, from the landing page to order forms to the checkout. We observe and survey your users during the use of your site, so that you can

  • identify risks of the site being left
  • disarm critical points
  • can maximize your completions

Our list of recommendations allows you to consequently optimize usability and acceptance of your website. The result: an overall better performance for more Return On Media Investment.

In-depth analysis of input fields

Cross-Campaign Optimization of Marketing Efficiency

Good usability of your website or microsite improves conversion rates across campaigns, independent on whether the users come to you by way of search engine marketing (e.g. Google Ad Words), classic online advertising (e.g. banner) or search engines.

The Conversion Lab® thus provides a leverage effect: your costs per order (CPO’s) and Ad Words costs sink for all measures and your online media budget creates more turnover.

This is Tested in the Conversion Lab®

Landing page test:

  • Can the users capture main messages in the shortest time?
  • Is is immediately clear, where you need to click in order to start a process?
  • Is all necessary information available for starting the purchasing process?

Conversion processes test:

  • Is the necessary information available on all sites?
  • Where are there risks of the site being left? Why does this occur (e.g. insufficient information, inapropriate querries, lack of understanding)?
  • Where are there risks for incorrect input (which have to be expensively reworked later)?
  • Where can it be shortened?

Compare your performance with that of your major competitor: identify better solutions from the point of view of the customer.


Effects of usability optimization according to Nielson (2008)

Conversion Improvement with Usability Optimization

An improvement of the Conversion Rate with optimization on the basis of usability tests has been well documented in scientific studies. This is how Nielson (2008) was able to show in a meta analysis that the mean increase of conversion rates with usability optimization was 87%. On average, the conversion rate could almost be doubled. Nielson considered sixty six studies with before and after measurements in which the usability of websites was optimized with the help of usability tests. It was also shown that success rates among case studies varied. This can partly be explained by the diverse range of implemented recommendations. Besides giving evidence of conversion increase, it was also possible to prove that

  • customer service expenses such as the answering of support questions was reduced by up to 80% with usability optimization
  • intensity of visits increased (more sites per visit) and
  • the efficiency of use went up (less time to reach target with use cases).

Calculate your Return on Investment Through Conversion Rate Optimization:

* According to Nielson (2008), the average increase in conversion rate in usability labs with transactional websites is 87%. Since experience has shown that not all recommendations can be implemented, we go conservatively with 30%. This value represents a typical and realistic result of research methods from the usability lab. This value cannot be garantied, since the success above all else depends on the number of actual implemented recommendations.

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