What is User Experience?

Every Channel Has Its Own Requirements for a Positive User Experience

The experienced quality of interactions with a contact point to your business is called the user experience (UX) in the digital media branch.

Success factors for a positive user experience:

Additionally, other beneficial qualities such as a service’s use and exploration incentive, brand fit or innovativeness are used, depending on the objectives at hand.


Whether or not the user experience of a digital touchpoint is good always depends on both the specific customer segment’s expectations and the type of medium. For example, operating complex games is often very difficult to learn, but the joy of use is still so high that players don’t want to let it go.

In many cases, users view the user interface and product as one in the same. When interacting, whether or not product claims such as „simplicity“, „usefulness“ and „likability“ are kept is a deciding factor. A positive experience is therefore associated with fulfilled brand and product claims.

At the same time, an individual’s particular goals (such as finding and watching a good movie online) play an important role. If these goals are reached easily then this is a rewarding experience, often described as a „joy of use“. This explains why usability is such an important factor toward a positive user experience.

In recent years, a number of research approaches have taken root under the heading „User Experience Research“. These approaches systematically accompany the development of interactive media and steadily measure the degree of achievement regarding user experience. From these, a systematic management and optimization of the user experience is possible.

The new ISO 9241-210 deals with the concept of user experience explicitly for the first time ever.