Usability Test

Usability Test

Looking Over Users’ Shoulders

We test your website’s usability and user experience with representatives from your target group. Your users solve realistic use cases and are observed and questioned by our user experience specialists. Optimization recommendations developed on the basis of these results allow for an excellent user experience without obstacles and maximal acceptance and conversion rates of the interactive service.

Usability test in Facit Digital lab

The Tool for Optimal Usability and User Experience

Subjects verbalize their thoughts while using the website or clickable prototypes. In interviews, our experts explore critical areas of navigation and missing or ambiguous information. Our specialists then create tangible recommendations based on observations and questions, their human factor expertise and best practices.

The usability/user experience test is the central method for understanding and optimizing target groups’ interactions with digital media. We use this for classic websites, stationary and tablet PC’s, mobile channels or entertainment media for living rooms. This test can be carried out in our Munich testing facilities, remotely online or mobily from any location.

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Usability and User Satisfaction Systematically Increase

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