Remote Usability Test

Remote Usability Test

Far Away yet Present

Is your target group scattered throughout Germany, Europe or the world? Do they not have enough time or maybe even not any opportunity to make it to our testing facilities for an interview? Then our remote solution for usability/user experience testing is for you.

A remote user experience test

Valid tests with remote interviews

All that participants need for remote UX tests is a computer and a webcam. Via desktop sharing, subjects have access to testing materials, whether live website or click protoype.

Participants and interviewers are constantly connected in a video conference. Because of this, all advantages of in-person interviews remain: the interviewer has the opportunity to ask specific questions, explain anything which may be unclear about the testing materials and observe the subject’s approaches to solutions live. This interview process corresponds to that of a classic lab test (specification of scenarios and tasks, thinking out loud, bahavioral observation, questioning).

Remote interviews are recorded along with the subjects‘ screens and are available for clients to download. Interviews can be viewed live online from any location.


  • Nation-, europe- and world-wide distribution of interviews (relevant for products with a strong regional variablitiy)
  • Nationwide recruitment of consumer samples from over 300,000 potential participants, making a very finely tuned screening possible
  • Each participant uses their own hardware: higher hardware validity
  • Same in-depth exploration as classic tests

Advantages of remote UX Tests

  • Users remain in their everyday-work setting, they don’t have to adapt to equipment previously unknown
  • Even target groups normally hard to get for a lab test can be contacted much more easily
  • Efforts of time and travel are minimized for all project members

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