Mobile UX Test

Mobile UX Test

Success Lies in the Hand

A positive user experience with mobile websites and smartphone apps is a special challenge. Content and features have to be placed in a confined space and at the same time it should be visually appealing. Touch screen operations open up a world of new possibilities but also raise a lot of usability issues. We help you with mobile user experience tests and our mobile user interface expertise.

Tablet PC usability test in Facit Digital lab

Mobile Applications Put to the Test

Our mobile user experience (UX) tests are carried out in scenario-based individual interviews. Participants engage in a variety of tasks with the mobile website, click prototype or app. This is all done directly on the mobile device, for example on an iPhone, smartphone or tablet PC. Our mobile UX specialists observe and accompany the participants with in-depth questions. We identify critical areas of the mobile app’s user navigation, content and functionality and from this develop concrete optimization approaches. Here, we refer to a wealth of experience with typcial challenges (e.g. use of correct UI elements and circumstantially appropriate gestures such as swiping, tapping and stretching) and solutions for these.

Smartphone usability test in the lab

Special Settings for Mobile UX Tests

Our user experience lab is equipped with the latest technology and has its own test setting for mobile devices. A special camera records the smartphone/tablet PC screen and reliably documents the user’s interactions with the device – without limiting their freedom of movement.

The test person is also filmed, in addition to the mobile app, in order to catch their facial expressions and gestures. All interviews can be viewed live and on-site in our observer lounge.

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