Lean Back UX Test

Lean Back UX Test

Media Convergence in the Living Room – Made Easy

New digital media invade our living room. Viewers are confronted with sophisticated new technology under the headings smart TV, connected TV, set top boxes, and HbbTV. Facit Digital took up user experience with entertainment technology for the living room very early and in 2007 created Germany’s first real lean back user experience lab.

Lean back test in Facit Digital lab

User research with Lean Back Media

Intuitive usability is especially important with tv-based entertainment for several reasons:

  • The user wants to relax and is not prepared to deal with complex menu structures.
  • A remote control is much simpler than a computer keyboard. Other alternative like iPhone apps and their input devices also have to be kept very simple.
  • The output device (TV) offers little space for menus.
  • Users with little or no technical experience with user interfaces must also be considered.

TV users testing an interactive television

Valid Tests in the Proper Atmosphere

In our lean back lab, subjects test your products in the proper atmosphere and position. We give them time to make themselves comfortable on the couch and to explore the user interface. Among other things, the following points are tested:

  • Interface user experience
    • Html/ Flash protoytpes
    • Smart TV applications
    • HbbTV services
    • Multimedia devices (such as pay TV receivers)
    • Set top boxes (for example, for video on-demand)
  • Remote controls
    • Prototypes
    • Operations via smartphones and tablet PC‘s
  • Out of the box tests (such as unpacking and connecting a receiver)

Our user experience specialists know from much experience what is important with operating concepts of interactive TV products and how typical challenges (e.g. representation of EPG’s, softkey use, cover flows) can be solved.

Feel free to read our numerous studies on the subject of interactive televisions.


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