Expert Evaluation

Expert Evaluation

Our Entire Usability Knowledge for You

Over 50% of use hurdles are often evident to experts even before a user test. Such an evaluation can be retrieved as an independent service or serves to prepare a user experience test with actual users, which can be implemented at a higher level. This method is particularly suitable for tight budgets. Especially small to medium-sized online shops can use the expert evaluation to obtain a professional opinion that can help them make their offerings even more attractive and significantly increase the conversion in their shop.

Typical results of comparative, summative expert reviews

Our Expert Team Analyzes Your Website, Application or Specification

Two of our user experience specialists take on the role of the user based on previously defined scenarios and use cases as well as a list of individually tailored criteria and look for usability problems on the website or application independent of one another. Specifications can also be analyzed. Software-ergonomic knowledge and our experts' experience and expertise in well-known user difficulties are integrated in the analysis. In addition, we utilize an extensive database with heuristics for optimal website design. Thus we achieve the perfect mixture of individual (run through central usecases from the user's point of view) and standardized evaluation (access to extensive database with heuristics for optimal website design).

Findings are discussed within the team and then, detailed recommendations are developed. 

Methods used:

  • Heuristic analysis: typical usability problem check based on expert knowledge from so-called heuristics 
  • Cognitive walk-through: a run-through of central use cases with the goal of finding use hurdles 
  • Testing standard compliance: determine whether usability requirements, e.g. ISO 14915 or ISO 9241 are fulfilled.
  • Rating: website or app assessment on a hierarchical assessment scale, aggregation of KPI’s and comparison with competitive offers (comparative expert evaluation)

An expert evaluation can be conducted with the aim of optimizing a product (formative evaluation) or with the goal of assessment (summative evaluation), ideally in comparison with competitive offers. The evaluation uncovers usability problems and derives concrete optimization suggestions. As an additional output, heuristics-based eyetracking evaluations of websites can also be created.


In this presentation we have compiled an excerpt from the results of an internal expert evaluation for online bicycle shops for you.

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