Design Test

Design Test

Solid Foundation for Design Decisions

An attractive design for the target group is half the battle for acceptance of and motivation to use a digital media. Our design test delivers clear data about which designs best convey brand value and messages and shows you which areas could be graphically optimized.

Typical procedure for a design test

Online test with quantitative samples from the target group

We test drafts for website screen designs, interactive TV’s, logos or landing pages with the help of quantitative online questionnaires. The designs are judged by representatives of the target group regarding several qualitities- from spontaneous reactions to brand values and subjective indicators of the user experience to incentive measures.

Each participant is randomly assigned to one of the variants, since graphic designs have to unfold their effects “on their own” in actual situations, too.

Typical results: effect profile of alternative designs

Fact-Based Decisions for "Look and Feel"

For each design draft, we illustrate a psychological effects profile which is compared among the variants and with our benchmark values. The detailed results allow for a targeted optimization of designs through the creation (e.g. more emphasis on the "human" aspect).

The design test gives us fact-based and goal-oriented decisions for successful digital media and helps to avoid long discussions based on mere gut decisions.


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