What is "Joy of Use"?

Joy of use occurs when everything runs smoothly

One of the most frequently cited concepts in user experience is "joy of use". In this day and age, digital media are hardly ever developed without the goal of such an emotional response in mind.

What does this mean? Does a bank’s website have to be fun? Of course not. You have to make a difference between fun and joy. Fun, in the sense of entertainment, is offered by an online game, an amusing app or a humorous comment in an online community. Joy occurs when users can use a medium to achieve their objectives easily and comfortably, when fluid dialogue emerges from a seamless interplay of service and system feedback or when sought-after information is communicated in an innovative and intelligent manner.

The greatest joy comes from successful experiences, though. Therefore, an interaction design which guides the user effectively and efficiently through various use cases is necessary for a sustainable joy of use. For this reason, joy of use doesn’t simply mean gaining an attractive graphic design but, first and foremost, a systematic optimization of site structure, iterative adaptation of the interactive design and a user-central layout with Wireframes.