Structure Test

Structure Test

The Stress Test for Site Structure

An ideal site structure leads the user unerringly and quickly to the desired content and features. The structure test checks the effectiveness and efficiency of navigation as well as the subjective contentness of users – for existing websites as well as for click dummies before a launch.

Our measurement tools for the structure test

Experimental Test of Information Architecture

In the structure test, potential users are led (through a link in an online questionnaire) to a website or a prototype where they receive typical use cases as tasks. From the solutions of the tasks we measure:

  • Use effectiveness: number of tasks solved vs. aborted
  • Use efficiency: clicks to goal, time until solution
  • Subjective task difficulty and satisfaction

From these measurements, we can recognize the approach with the best menu and navigational structure from several different alternatives. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses for the use scenarios, even for a single website.


A typical result: The average performance of two click dummies with multiple use cases

Users Perform Your Website’s Click Test at Home

With this research tool you can recognize early on whether a new navigation bar performs better than the current one or which of several site maps is the best. This tool can also be used for live websites.


  • Each participant performs the test on his/her own computer
  • Representative and quantitative forecasts for the performance of the website

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