Concept Test

Concept Test

The First Feedback Session with Future Users

In the concept test, content and functional conceptual ideas are initially presented to representatives of the target group. Before drawing up a detailed concept, we let you know about planned features, content and further insights into user needs.

A small group discusses the utility value of different functions

Recognizing Necessary Course Corrections

A concept test usually takes place in the form of a moderated focus group. Depending on the objectives, deep interviews or other research methods are also used.

In addition to a general needs assessment (where there is an overlap with the requirement analysis, which can be combined with a concept test) and a conceptual understanding, evaluation of individual features, content and composition approaches are all in the center of attention. Through discussions and through the implementation of creative and association techniques, we also generate new ideas and improvement suggestions for the concept together with the participants. In this way, you not only find out the needs of your target group but also gain, for example, a focus on functions and content (features with the highest utility value).

User interface sketches such as these aid discussions with participants

Sophisticated Testing Material Aids Discussions

Many different testing materials are considered in order to aid discussions:

  • Sketches, user interface scribbles, Wireframe diagrams
  • Verbal concepts
  • Explanations of services with powerpoint slides
  • Competition examples, screenshots
  • Feature and content lists
  • Simple click dummies
  • The current version of a medium

Our experts give you recommendations concerning user priorities, content proposals and needed changes as well as new user demands. Focus groups and one-on-one interviews can be viewed live in our facilities.


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