Co-Creation Workshop

Co-Creation Workshop

Using the Creative Potential of Users

When language no longer cuts it for expression and words reach their limits, we have your customers step up and act creatively. With the help of art supplies we playfully bypass the limits of rationality and get to know your customers’ needs directly and authentically.

A co-creation workshop at Facit Digital

Recognize, Analyze and Implement users' needs

In small groups with up to four participants, representatives of your target group create an “ideal” layout together for central components of your online service. With the help of craft supplies and stimuli material (such as interaction elements, user interface elements, stock images, screenshots), group participants make collages. At the same time, they discuss their ideas and add to their own sketches.

The results are the visualized needs of your target group which have been analyzed and interpreted by Facit Digital user experience experts. Our fact-based deductions can be integrated directly into further conceptual designs and development processes. This helps to make a user-friendly Wireframing possible along with recognition of feature priorities and expectations regarding the layout.

A user puts together a desired website

Creative, Yet Tangible

Co-creation workshops deliver tangible results which are relevant for implementation and therefore represent an important approach to the needs analysis. Co-creation sessions perform optimally as a diversified complement to focus groups, for example, in the context of concept tests.

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