Case Study: Campaign Pretest for XING

Current XING campaign

Over 11.1 million members worldwide use XING… a platform for business, jobs and careers. In order to gain more and more users, XING is trying to appeal more to people from segments which up until now have hardly been reached. The benefits of a membership in a social network have to be conveyed to new target groups by the respective online campaigns in just a few seconds.

Facit Digital supported XING with an evaluation of new campaign ideas. With a sophisticated online panel approach, representatives of new and core target groups were given campaign examples. By doing so, we were able to identify the best approaches for members, potential members and all target groups in the early concept phase. Furthermore, it was also possible to show how creation was to be optimized and how as relevant value propositions and claims should look like for new target groups.

The Facit Digital studies were well thought through and their recommendations hit the nail on the head. The study results helped us to make the right decisions for our online communication. Thank you Facit for the enjoyable collaboration! - Stefan Schmidt-Grell, Director of Marketing, XING AG.