Fallstudie: FUT der GigaTV Box bei Vodafone

Vodafone TV receiver and remote control

Innovative Hybrid Approach

As one of the largest telecommunication providers in Europe, Vodafone Germany offers its customers communication and entertainment from one source: mobile service, landlines, internet, broadband data service and also, since 2011, their own IPTV-platform. As the first company in Europe, Vodafone is setting an innovative hybrid approach with their new product, Vodafone TV: the TV set top box combines classic TV recievers such as satellite or cable with extra features and TV with the DSL broadband internet. HD programs and numerous HD movies from an online library are the core of Vodafone TV.

Video on demand area

Outstanding User Experience Thanks to User Test Support

During the product development, there were clear focuses on outstanding user experience and very simple operations of services such as EPG or video on-demand. In order to reach these goals, we extensively tested prototypes of interaction designs, receivers and remote controls parallel to development in our lean back lab. By repetitive (iterative) testing and optimizing, we gradually reached an optimal combination of remote control and user interface on the TV.

The valuable and attractive appearance of Vodafone TV menus was assured with special design tests where we presented potential users various designs in a living room setting. With usability tests, we were able to finally ensure that the Vodafone TV product website thrills future users from the very first online contact.

Direct contact with the users helped us very much with the development of Vodafone TV. Since our wide range of services should also work easily in a relaxed atmosphere on the sofa, the recommendations from Facit Digital were valuable to us. Working together was a lot of fun.Beate Hasenzahl, Senior Manager of TV Proposition Management, Vodafone D2 GmbH.