Case Study: User Experience Concept Test of the New "Sky Go" iPad App

Sky Go on the iPad

Tablet PC as a "second screen"

Facit Digital has been consulting the pay TV provider Sky for many years. We helped to streamline user interfaces such as receivers, apps or websites to the needs of customers and potential customers. An intuitive and convenient service is best achieved via extensive, direct dialogue with the users.

With the service Sky Go, customers are able to watch their favorite programs from wherever they are. Whether at home, on a second television or on a mobile device. The Sky Go app offers access to Sky live sports on the iPad via WiFi and 3G. With this, Sky wouldn’t only meet various program wishes in multiple-person households but also uses the "second screen" tablet PC in an innovative way.

Sky Go media center

Analysis of Usefulness and Usability for the Interaction Design

In order to test design and feature ideas for a new version of the Sky Go app, we introduced these ideas with a concept test in small groups of 5 Sky customers and potential customers. The participants were especially technology and media-savvy and were invited to try out the current Sky app as well as apps from competitors at length on prepared iPads. Usefulness of new features and the usability of planned interactive designs were discussed in depth. In order to increase the depth of exploration in these discussions, the participants had to monitor their media use behavior, especially in the area of sports, as a kind of homework.

With the help of special sampling, extensive preparation of subjects and special test settings, we were able to clearly show Sky which features should be pursued and how a promising user experience concept for the new app would look.

Facit Digital perfectly understands how to take into accout the special challenges on user interfaces in the area of entertainment with streamlined their research and consulting solutions. Cooperating with Facit consistently brings us important impulses to offer our customers even better services. Thank you.Patrick Huber, User Experience Manager, Sky Deutschland.