Case Study: Online User Survey for MSN

Invitation to the online questionnaire on MSN’s homepage

Who are our users?

Microsoft's information and internet service provider MSN is one of the largest and most used web portals worldwide. With current and comprehensive information, MSN would like to provide their users with interesting topics and keep them up to date with lifestyle, technology and politics.

What happens when it is not entirely clear who the users are? Because of the special structure of the Microsoft Network, responsible parties did not know exactly how the MSN user base was composed of for a very long time. A fact which makes a target group-adequate address conceivably difficult.

Use of social networks among visitors

Answers Instead of Questions

Facit Digital collected fundamental socio-demographical and socio-structural data in a representative online survey on

Besides that, portal visitors were asked about topic interests, reasons for use and frequency of visits as well as satisfaction with content mix and preparation on MSN‘s homepage.

The survey of our users - directly on the homepage - was an exciting experience for all of us! Together with Facit Digital, we were able to gain valuable information about our users which really helped us with our daily work.  - Alexander Rudolph, Deputy Chief Editor and Editing Manager, Microsoft Deutschland GmbH -