Case Study: Successful Market Launch for Mirapodo (part of the Otto mail-order company). Supported by Facit Digital.

Empirical evidence of the campaign's image effect

Shortly after the start of Mirapodo in 2010, this subsidiary of the Otto Group was already one of the leading online shoe shops in Germany. Through a online-only campaign, after only nine months, 30% recognition from German internet users was achieved. This is just one of the results of the extensive accompanying research, carried out in several waves, which we have done for this start-up.

Measurement of Online Campaigns' Advertisement Effectiveness on Brand Value

In our representative study, we were able to show that today, 65% of internet users would buy their shoes online. After having seen the online campaign, 71% of users counted Mirapodo among their relevant set - compared with 40% without contact. In relation to media coverage and volume, this shows that each person, who counts Mirapodo among the relevant set because of the campaign, cost 16 cents.

Our tool ROMI Online allows the measurement of advertising effects on online campaigns for brand value and enhanced brand triad (recognition, appeal, relevant set, first choice, application). With this approach, the classic campaign reporting (page impressions, clicks, CPC) is extended for the effect of contact.


The Facit Digital studies help us very much to steer our brand building for online communication. Now we have a reliable feedback channel for performance and image effect. - Dr. Stephanie Caspar, CEO, Mirapodo GmbH.