Case Study: User Experience Benchmarking and Eye Tracking for ImmobilienScout24

Viewing exposure of the homepage in the first 10 seconds after arrival

Regular user experience and eye tracking analyses

ImmobilienScout24 is the largest German online real estate marketplace; with over five million users per month it is by far the most visited real estate website in the German speaking web.

In order to optimize the central features of the website, the real estate search and exposés, Facit Digital regularly held user experience benchmarking studies with real estate seekers. In these, users carried out their own, current real estate searches right on the ImmobilienScout24 and competitors‘ websites. Thanks to comprehensive eye-tracking analyses, the website could be successively optimized right from the beginning of the studies. With the help of eye tracking technology, detailed questions could be evaluated, for example if certain user functionalities were noticed or how the users' focus of attention changed with specific tasks.

The Facit Digital studies allow us to systematically develop our website on the basis of firm evidence. The eye tracking results are very valuable for us since they also show non-verbal reception patterns of our sites, a relevant addition to behavior observations of our clients during use.Dr. Steffen Klein, Head of User Experience, ImmobilienScout24