Case Study: Conversion Rate Optimization for DKV

Effectiveness of the Conversion Lab® with a DKV campaign

Quadrupling Conversion Rate with the Conversion Lab®

For more than eighty years, DKV has been active as a specialist for health insurance and has done so in a leading position for decades. The online channel now plays a central role for DKV 's sales and marketing, too.

In order to improve the efficiency of the existing online media budget, we operated a Conversion Lab® for the landing page and all associated online campaign ads. As part of this test, gaps between information in the ad and further information on the landing page were identified. Secondly, we determined which information and features really were necessary for the target group and where there were risks of users leaving the website (so-called critical incident technique). Following the implementation of recommended measurements, a quadrupling of the conversion rate was recorded.

We were able to significantly increase the efficiency of our online marketing activities by quadrupling the conversion rate of the landing page. - Andreas Witte, Online Marketing Coordinator, DKV Health Insurance AG.