Case study: agile conceptualization of DAB bank’s new online portfolio and trading area

First concept idea for the order mask

Re-launch of the website’s core: the DAB trading application

The DAB bank AG has been the first online brokerage website for the German market. As a direct bank, it offers comprehensive services for accumulating and securing financial assets via securities. As a strategic goal, the creation and development of intuitive banking and trading applications has always been crucial for DAB bank. Since 2004, we have been assisting DAB bank in fulfilling this aim and have been conducting research projects for a user-centred management of their digital transaction channels. 

Our task was the conceptualization of the new online portfolio and trading area for the website of DAB bank – all done in a user-centred approach. In the project, we tackled order masks, order book, different views of portfolio and overview of conducted transactions.

A special challenge arose from the need to provide both heavy traders and trading newbies alike with an interface that is intuitive and can be easily and effectively used; moreover, this interface had to be embedded in a consistent, web-based trading application. Taking into account that many customers of DAB bank are trading commercial papers several times a day, we wanted to make changes without creating an unsettling “big bang”. This means we wanted to make sure that users would not need to modify their usage habits entirely, asking too much of users because of one abrupt transformation. 

First sketch for the order mask

Iterative involvement of usage-, finance- and UX experts

Our approach made sure that users' perspectives, in-house expertise of DAB bank employees and current developments and best practices of other online banks were taken into consideration for conceptualization. 

  • In-depth analyses of users' feedbacks from the user experience tracking of online brokers in  Germany, carried out by Facit Digital: prioritization within several possible areas of optimization, statistical analyses of strengths and weaknesses and users' wishes for further development
  • Expert evaluation of the current trading-application and development of possible ways for redesign 
  • Analysis of competitors‘ innovative interfaces in Germany and abroad
  • Discussion with stakeholders and integration of in-house ideas thus gathered into the project’s scope

Prototype for the order mask as used in the user experience tests

  • Conceptualization of the user interface and its functions / user journeys of the new masks, using wireframes and clickable prototypes (Axure)
  • Rapid Prototyping with iterative usability testing: our clickable prototype was gradually adapted to the wishes and needs of the future users by conducting several usability tests with representatives of the target group. By doing so, we succeeded in reaching better usability and acceptance with each step.
  • Ex-post user experience tracking secures successful implementation and users' acceptance 

The new trading mask of DAB bank

Satisfied customers, reduction of expenses for support and maintenance


  • Several, target-group specific trading forms were integrated into the application
  • Innovative functions were realized – and usage simplified at the same time
  • DAB bank customers gave positive feedback after the launch of the new trader application in August 2012
  • Integration of several trading applications in a unified tool leads to reduction of maintenance efforts 
  • Reduction of support inquiries

Refer to DAB bank (in German) for further details.

With the re-launch of our trading application, we wanted to set new standards in innovation, usability and joy-of-use. With the help of Facit Digital, we definitely succeeded. The smart combination of experts’ knowledge and iterative inclusion of user feedback has in fact helped us tremendously. Big thanks to Facit Digital for the great cooperation! – Bastian Dombret, Head of Online Customer Experience, DAB bank AG