Case Study: Card Sorting for comdirect Bank

Altered Customer Structure Leads to New User Needs

Comdirect Bank is the market leader among online brokers in Germany and the leading direct bank for modern investors. Starting as a direct bank in 1994, comdirect focused on online brokerage throughout the 90’s. Today, comdirect is a full-service bank with three fields of expertise: brokerage, banking and consulting. More than 1.5 million private customers conduct business with comdirect. Their consultants are available by telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The customer structure and with it user expertise in regard to financial services changed significantly during this development phase. Small, successive website adjustments were not sufficient to cover these considerable changes.

Ideal Site Structure With User Involvement

In order to account for newly added customers and optimally locate all new content in the following restructuring, Facit Digital used an innovative research approach for user-central website structure optimization. Sequentially, the respective website areas were optimized with an online card sorting carried out by the target group. Comdirect‘s current sitemap can now be justly called "user-generated". The search effort has thus been minimized for the entire user community.

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Facit Digital’s studies enabled us to optimally fit the new site structure to the needs of our users. The results and optimization recommendations were well thought through and could be immediately implemented.Kilian Hughes, Web Manager & Usability Expert, Comdirect Bank