Put your users to the center. We will help you.

User-centered management is the key to success for digital media. We have the tools to help you involve your target group into each and every phase of the media life cycle.

Facit Digital is a specialized user research and user experience consulting agency, based in
Munich, Germany. We focus on all kinds of interactive media:

  • Classic websites
  • Interactive television, smart TV, connected TV, set-top boxes, HbbTV
  • Websites und apps for smartphones and tablet PCs
  • Social media
  • Online advertising, landing pages, microsites
  • Intranets, extranets, customer self-service
  • ... and all other digital user interfaces


User-centered design means that we provide you with the best research approaches in every project phase. Users are consistently (iteratively) integrated in the development, from the analysis phase to the rough concept and detailed concept to the launch. In the operating phase, we help optimize marketing and check the achievement of project goals. Our professional user experience research approaches assure excellent usability and high acceptance of your interactive channels and help mediating between business goals and user requirements.

New: Rapid Prototyping

In rapid prototyping, several usability tests are arranged in series with click protoypes (so-called mock-ups). With these rapid user iterations, service concepts are perfected more quickly and efficiently: User experience conceptual design with a dedicated line to the target group.

Erfolgsfaktoren jenseits von Responsive Web Design

Über Webdesign lässt sich streiten – nicht allerdings über die Menüführung und den Umfang der Inhalte bei mobilen Internetseiten. Dies zeigt unsere neue Studie, bei der wir die Websites von vier Automobilherstellern auf ihre (mobile) Nutzererfahrung hin analysiert haben. Das beste geräteübergreifende Surferlebnis bietet Porsche. mehr...

GOR: Facit Digital wins Best Practice Award

Together with our customer Yahoo, for whom we conducted a study considering the recognition of native ads, we won the Best Practice Award of the german society for online-research. (Photo: marktforschung.de)

Connected TV: Killer App Moving Image

Among the countless apps that modern Smart TVs offer, video apps have best entered into the users' habits. This is a result of our ethographic study that we untertook for the German supervisory authority for the private TV networks (Die Medienanstalten). Smart TVs are mainly used to enrich and flexibilize media usage. Many functions like social networks are rather used on other divices such as tablets, though. Learn more about our study (in German)...

New study: Cultural differences with gesture-controlled smart TVs

Everyone who has been traveling abroad knows that non-verbal communication via gestures can vary in different cultures.

If TVs were able to register semantic gestures, would they be able to understand their users irrespective of where they come from?

Together with our partners at UX Fellows Facit Digital has evaluated this with 360 subjects from 18 different countries. Read more about our new study...

Case studies

Highest professionalism with a smile. Working with Facit Digital was fruitful, efficient, easy and pleasant.
Emanuele Bodini, Infineon Technologies AG